This is a day trip that all will remember. Beautiful boats and stunning scenery, an island with white sandy beaches and Thai style restaurant close by the beach. Discover the island, a wonderful treck across or around the island brings you right in touch with nature. If you have time we can develop this part of the trip to team games, treasure hunt or simply a wonderful walk enjoying a beautiful lush tropical island.

The sailing cruise can be structured for groups who have little previous experience of sailing The yachts available in our pool, include a selection of catamarans, a large support vessel (a classic yacht), monohulls of varying sizes and a big safety boat - It is a truely a magnificent collection of boats at your disposal:

  • an Admirals Cup Yacht called Coyote for the active and energetic.
  • a sophisticated 1906 Schooner for those who like sedate and classy cruising ... who want to lie back and enjoy while the crew effortlessly sail the boat to the islands.
  • we have fast and modern catamarans for those who like speed and space.
  • and monohull cruiser racers for those that like to sail, but don’t want too much action or too many people around them. Choose the yachts from our portfolio.
This is a lovely cruise along the east coast of Pattaya for a day trip. It will appeal to many people who just want to enjoy nature and be at one with the elements. We can sail large medium or small yachts and we can provide a flotilla if the group size demands this. The island of Ban Ko Lan is aone hour sail from our marina base and is an idyllic spot for a beach lunch stop.

The scenery takes your breath away, again video cameras are a must! In the one to two hours we have for sailing to reach these islands we can coach crews sufficiently to be reasonably proficient to handle our craft.

When we arrive at the island the fun begins! There is only one building on the island and we can arrange BBQ lunch, picnic or just stop for a beverage. The island has a wonderful coconut grove setting and is well worth considering as a place to do beach survival games or a treasure hunt.