Do you need the best team building event ever? Suitable for large or small groups. Best on the beach, but also possible in your hotel swimming pool.

Lunch can be served after the building phase of the activity or after the race. A Beach Barbecue is most popular, but our generously sized and delicious gourmet sandwiches are also available.

Racing takes place on the lake, river or even the sea. Its often held at your hotel so consider this when booking?  The races are just lots and lots of fun!  Will your boat be water resistant and strong or will you soon get wet?  On the start signal the cardboard boat crews start to paddle furiously and the fun begins; soon everyone will be laughing. Each race involves 2 people in each boat and points are given according to the place the teams achieve in each race (which of course requires staying upright!).

All the team members can race at least once; as long as they built the boat well enough to stay afloat that is. Buoyancy aids are worn by all contestants and there is always an experienced safety team watching over the event. So everyone will have fun and stay safe.  Be aware that our Team Building is one of choice!  We always say in our briefing before going on the water that participants elect to do the activity or not!  We do not want anyone to feel they have to participate.  Its voluntary and there's always a couple of people who will want to go twice!

One of our most popular mass participation activities is Cardboard Boat Racing. The activity can takes place at our dedicated water activity centre in Krabi, on the lake at Ocean Marina in Pattaya (Jomtien) or at Ao Yon bay on Phuket island.

This is the ideal team building activity with so many aspects that are parallel to work place organisation and function.  The groups are split into teams of 8-16 persons and given the task of making a carboard boat that will float safely with two paddlers inside.  Communication between team members is the key to good organisation.  The teams are presented with plans that they have to review and consider as a team, they have to interpret and discuss the plans, decide who will do what, solve problems, form sub teams, problem solve as they build and put the boat together and so on ... The teams are given between 1.5 and 2hrs to complete the task.  The boat must be be capable of racing a defined course and then back to two more team members who do the same thing. There are usually four races but some boats dont make it!  The waterproofing or construction may not be that good. Its all fun, safe and ideal for discussion and recording on video.

The team building activity is carefully organised and monitored by our staff. The location is superb and the challenge of making your own design or that of a template (provided by Sail in Asia) is just one of the decisions that our teams make. Extra points are awarded for original design, completing the task in the allocated time, good teamwork and division of labour and so on. This is where you see your teams rising to the challenge of the ultimate corporate team building!